Darwin C Vickers – Hangin’ in There!
February 1, 2019

I have spent most of my life in journalism and entertainment, although in between gigs I have cleaned cowsheds, served in the military, taught English and acting, and even worked as a correctional officer. My interest in writing began at age 15 when I wrote a weekly column for the Derbyshire Advertiser, an English county newspaper. In my twenties, I was singing part-time with a dance orchestra and then I worked the club circuit for a few years sometimes as a solo singer, and sometimes in bands that played everything from top twenty to country and western. In 1964 I got my first check from the Braden Beat show in the UK for a for a comedy sketch I’d written, I think my continued association with Bernie, who was Canadian, was what inspired me to move to Canada permanently in 1965.


Progress was slow but I did make friends with Director Terry Kyne and Writer Chris Beard who were producing a show called Night Cap for the CBC and I sat in on every rehearsal and taping for a year, however, I had to settle for the print media to make any real money. I worked for community newspapers like the Toronto Herald Group, later I became the PR manager for an engineering company and in 1974 I was hired to edit Communications Business for Kerrwil Publications. I did make a few appearances as a singer in clubs and did some radio but my fascination with being a performer was fading.

Editing Communications Business gave me the opportunity to rub shoulders with broadcasters, one of them being Stu Griffiths the CEO of CJOH TV Ottawa. I pitched some program ideas to him and from then on my TV career went gangbusters. I went on to write and produce shows for CHCH TV Hamilton, CHEX TV Peterborough and WPBY TV in the United States. In the 80s I wrote, produced, directed and did the music score for two low-budget movies for TV. In 1988 I was nominated for a Golden Ribbon Award by the Canadian Association of Broadcasters for a series called Canadian Characters after which, I began to slow down a little, and turned my attention to writing scripts for children’s animated shows like Jimmy Neutron, Pelswick, Ned’s Newt, The World of Tosh, and many others.


During this time I continued to work on projects with Kerrwil Publications that included establishing an industrial video division, where I wrote, produced and directed productions for The Canadian Electrical Association, The Canadian Electric Vehicle Association, ETA Germany, Westinghouse and the National Training Group. In between all this activity, I managed to co-author The Step by Step Sales Process with Michael Noiseux.

Age does have a habit catch up with you and in my late sixties, I realized I couldn’t keep up with the deadlines, although I did continue to pitch program ideas to friends still in the industry. At age 70 for “something completely different,” I moved to the Baguio in the Philippines for a couple of years and taught conversational English to Korean postgraduate students. Now in my 85th year, I still write every day, and I have recently published 13 books on Amazon that have been sitting around on my computer for some time. There is a link below that will take you to my bookshelf.


I composed the opening music for both of these movies

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